Seed to Table

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We make garden-based
learning experiences
available for every child.

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The Garden School Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to providing a wide scope of education through hands-on learning in real, outdoor, living classrooms. Turning asphalt into ecosystems, we teach hands-on classes and cooking lessons in the garden classroom and provide educators the tools they need to make school gardens and our children thrive.

What They Say
"Everyone loves the garden! The kids, the parents, the teachers. I've noticed that the children eat healthier foods and are willing to try more new things after they visit the garden."
Ms. Washington, pre-k teacher at Wilshire Crest Elementary School
"I brought GSF to my school because I want the students to feel ​good about the environment and to empower them to respect and take care of nature."
Mr. Ortiz, principal at Grand View Elementary School
Our Programs

All children are born with an innate curiosity for the natural world. Seed to Table and the City Seedlings summer day camp encourage this desire,

promoting active lifestyles. See below for some examples of opportunities these programs provide:

Nutrition Lessons
and Cooking

Students Harvest and prepare delicious, seasonal recipes right in the garden using simple but fascinating tools like solar ovens and bicycle blenders.


Students get their hands dirty in the garden for hour-long lessons every other week throughout the entire school year. We have acres of play and discovery in our gardens!

Garden lessons

Each grade focuses on a unique Science theme, while other subjects are also regularly covered such as Language Arts and Math.

Arts & Crafts in
the Garden

From bird feeders to windmills, we love crafting with the kids to develop more tools they can use and play with in the garden, and drive creativity!

Join US

If all this community lovin’ is making your green thumb
tingle or your volunteer muscles itch, please reach out!
You can join the community action and continue sewing

the seeds of this flourishing foundation by volunteering,
earning credit for it as an intern, or finding a fulfilling job.