Gratitude from Our Garden

Thank You for a Beautiful Summer!

By Elizabeth Hall

Can you believe summer is almost over?  In only a few short weeks, GSF begins another exciting year of Seed to Table programming.  As one season ends and another begins, we wanted to take a moment to reflect back on what an AMAZING summer we had at the 24th Street Elementary School Garden.

IMG_3754 (2)
We had an incredible team of passionate interns this summer who helped tend the garden and inspire our campers at our two week long City Seedlings Camp – the real highlight of our summer! We had such a WONDERFUL time at this year’s camp, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Seedlings1 (4)  Seedlings1 (5)

Every morning of City Seedlings Camp kicked off with some peaceful gardening work- watering, weeding, and harvesting. By learning to care for an edible garden, we help our campers grow to understand the impact they have on their environment and community.

wk2_day5_7  Seedlings1 (6)

In the kitchen, we expanded our horizons, trying new flavors and honing our knife skills. We love helping build our lil’ chefs confidence, encouraging them to use their own sense of taste as a guide to decide how sweet or salty they want their dish to be.

We’re so grateful to Food Forward for donating fruits and veggies to our City Seedlings cooking classes.  With the help of our mighty bicycle blender, we made some truly delicious orange popsicles with oranges donated from Food Forward. Get the recipe here.


In the craft corner, we let our creative side go wild. We painted, made cool scratch art drawings and decorated our garden wands with bright beads and ribbons of every color. We  also made beautiful terrariums, cute bug hotels, and wish flags for a greener, brighter future.  How cool is that?!?

ter Seedlings1 (1)

Each year of City Seedlings Camp leaves us feeling inspired to continue GSF’s mission of making garden education more accessible to all children. There’s nothing we love more than watching our campers unplug and experience the magic of the nature.  Want to see more fun camp photos? Check out all our photos here!


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