Gratitude from Our Garden

Paying it Forward

By Elizabeth Hall

We’re so grateful to the group from Deutsch for volunteering at our 24th Street Elementary School Garden this past Friday.  Creating interactive garden signage has been an ongoing dream project for Laila Tamburini, our 24th Street School Garden Coordinator. With the help of our inspired volunteers, we were finally able to realize this dream.

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“We want the garden to be a place where children can explore and learn independently,” Laila says. “Signs allow for students to explore the garden as well as practice reading and writing. We want students to feel engaged and inspired by the natural world around them. Our goal is to create signage that engages kids by asking them questions. It’s a way to encourage children to think critically about their surrounding environment; to prompt them to go explore, identify and think about the world around them. Many of the signs that we created are interactive. For example,  one sign asked the kids to write a poem to the garden using as many adjectives as they can.  Adjectives are wonderful words that enrich our vocabularies. Why not have kids practice using them in a space that is so inspiring? Volunteers like the Deutsch Group make these projects possible.  We are beyond fortunate to have people make the future better by investing in children and their relationship to the environment. ”

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GSF LOVES welcoming groups into the garden, and we offer many exciting opportunities from Community Garden Days to private events. For more information, please email Elizabeth Hall at elizabeth@gardenschoolfoundation.org.


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