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“If we can bring our children understanding, and hopefulness when they need this kind of support, then they are more likely to grow into adults who can find these resources within themselves later on.”
— Mister Fred Rogers
Seed to Table
Bringing Education to life
Seed to Table is a year-round program of garden-based education for grades K-5th. At it’s core, Seed to Table is designed to get kids learning about the world through hands-on, outdoor experiences. Our students engage
in an environment that encourages exploration, critical thinking, and teamwork. Learning to care for the soil, plants, and food, students grow to understand the impact they have on their environment and their community.

Seed to Table School Programming

The Garden School Foundation’s Seed to Table Program is a year-round program of garden-based education for K-5th grades that is designed to fully integrate gardens into the school community and help schools maximize a garden’s transformative potential. In the program, students visit the garden every other week during the school day for either a Nutritional Cooking class or a Science-themed garden class. Our lesson plans follow the CA State and Common Core standards, and correlate to what is being taught in the classroom, while bringing classroom concepts to life through hands-on experiences.

All classes are facilitated by a trained GSF Garden Educators that:

  • Maintain the garden as a living laboratory to support our curriculum.
  • Help coordinate volunteer efforts amongst your pre-existing garden community.
  • Conduct outreach to your school community to develop participation and funding support.
  • Facilitate extended learning opportunities, including After School clubs and Community Weekend Workdays.

GSF works with your teachers to develop their own abilities and confidence using the garden as an instructional tool.

We would love to hear from you and your interest in bringing our Seed to Table program to your school!  If your school is in Los Angeles and has a pre-existing garden you’d like to utilize, then please use the “Apply Here” link below to begin the application process.


Our Seed to Table Curriculum

Developed over years of working in our schools, our curriculum is a beautiful reflection of the chefs, teachers, volunteers, administrators, gardeners, and community members who discovered the magic of the garden and the lessons it provides.  Aligning our 120 lessons to the Common Core and State Standards the curriculum focuses on bringing lessons alive in the garden with hands-on exploration and discovery.

Science-based Garden Lessons include:
  1. Before the garden, in the classroom.  The teacher focuses on introducing vocabulary and concepts students will explore in the garden.
  2. Discovery in the garden.  Students will pick up their garden worksheets, magnifying glasses, and pencils to participate in the hands-on lesson or activity.  Tastings, planting seeds, and garden maintenance sometimes accompanies the lesson.
  3. Review and Reflect.  Teachers follow up with what students discovered in the garden with writing prompts, related book recommendations, or reflection based activities.
Nutritional Cooking Class Lessons include:
  1. Healthy and Grade appropriate recipe
  2. Nutritional Theme of the recipe.  Each recipe is categorized into our four themes:  Eating in Season, Eat a rainbow, Grow up not out, and Turn Every Food into a Superfood.
  3. Background Information on the cuisines origin, connections to the garden, and fun talking points for students.

Even if you are not a gardener, our curriculum was written with you in mind.  At the back of each curriculum set you will find our Garden Manual, complete with topics from planting seeds to composting your kitchen scraps to planning a community garden day.  Still not convinced about your green thumb?  Check out our Teacher Training program below.

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing our curriculum for your school!

Teacher Training Workshops

With many thanks to our partnership with the Whole Kids Foundation, the Garden School Foundation is happy to announce our newest Teacher Training program for educators, volunteers, administration, and dedicated parents.  These trainings are tailored to each school site and provide workshops on topics from garden development to fundraising to curriculum implementation, and more.  Starting with 10 elementary schools in the Spring / Summer of 2017, each will receive three days of best practices and resources provided by our dedicated and experienced staff.  Contact Abigail Orosz for more information at:



Want to see what our 2nd grade May garden and cooking lessons look like?

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Fill out the Seed To Table application form here and bring garden learning to your school!

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Summer Camp
During two week-long sessions, City Seedling campers will play, explore, and learn in GSF's 1.5 acre organic garden. Campers will gain cooking and gardening skills, new friends, an appreciation of nature, and a newfound understanding of where their food comes from.
Our cooking classes are designed to instruct, motivate, and empower campers while our interactive science activities will spark their curiosity and inspire investigation. Help your children unplug and have fun as they reconnect to nature and themselves.

City Seedlings campers have the opportunity to:

  • Create a delicious menu of garden-inspired culinary creations that incorporate fruits and veggies from the garden
  • Engage in interactive science activities like compost critters, prune paratrooper and leaf sun-tan, all taking place outside in our living garden-laboratory
  • Cultivate a lifelong connection with nature through engaging in fun garden activities
  • Form lasting friendships during games and team building activities
  • Explore their creativity through fun arts & crafts projects


Week 1: June 19th-June 23rd (Closed)
Week 2: June 26th-June 30th (Closed)

To join our waitlist email elizabeth@gardenschoolfoundation.org

Supervised drop-off at 9am and pick-up at 3pm.

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School gardens on the campus of 24th Street Elementary school in Historic West Adams 2055 W 24th Street., Los Angeles, CA 90018 (Fully gated, enclosed campus)

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Enrollment is a 2 step process: Registration and Payment.

If you encounter any issues or questions during this process contact Elizabeth at: elizabeth@gardenschoolfoundation.org

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