Garden Wisdom

How we became more GREEN on March 17th!

By Elizabeth Hall

Exciting things are taking shape over at 24th Street Elementary! Not only do we now have a new and improved compost system as of our last workday (thank you volunteers!), but, we are happy to announce the introduction of GSF’s Cafeteria- to- Compost program!

Since March 17th, with only 5 days of composting lunch food waste, we have already composted over 125 pounds of food waste!!  Mind you, this is just the beginning as this is only the waste from two classes.  We will gradually be adding more and more classes until all of the lunch food waste from the whole school can be composted.  Pretty exciting stuff!!

We are thrilled about this development for two reasons: not only will our in-school composting program take GSF’s garden lessons full circle (healthy veggies growing-> nutritious food -> scraps composted -> nutrient rich soil -> healthy veggies growing), it will also decrease the school’s environmental footprint, divert tens of thousands of pounds of food waste from landfills, and make nutritious soil for our garden. Talk about bragging rights!

Still not sure what composting is?  Feel free to come by 24th Street and see our compost system in action for yourself! Or continue reading for great information on how to start up your own composting program.



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